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Denots music at its core comes from anger and emotion. Denots songs are about many different things: aliens, history, philosophy, the occult, society, conformity, humanity, ghosts of self doubt, self improvement and political sarcasm. 

Denots has produced 7 full length CDs, and have been sponsored by Jagermeister for 10 years. They have done 2 west coast tours, a northwest tour and 3 different midwest tours. Denots has performed on several Jagermeister music tours and opened for acts such as Prong, Suicidal Tendencies, Clutch, Rev theory, Drowning Pool, Hinder, Candelbox, Living color, Dope, Papa Roach, Soil, Mushroomhed, Disturbed, Avenge Sevenfold, Hell Yeah, Stone Sour, Hemlock, Hailstorm, Hed PE, Motograder, RIKSHA, Balance of Power and more!

        Denots was first formed by Jerimiah Peterson, Dustin Thueson and Shawn Ringel. The guys were practicing and jammin out in an old building in Lorenzo, Idaho from 1997 to 1998. The property was owned by Jerimiah's grandfather and sat right across the levee from the Snake River. Soon the guys decided to add long time friend of Jerimiah's on guitar, Jason Smith. This was the spring of 1999. Soon after adding Jason to the band they decided on the name Denots which is "stoned" spelled backwards. The name came from a song with the same title. The song was originally played by Jerimiah and Jason in a previous band titled Smoke. Smoke was kind of the precursor to Denots. The band "Smoke" was:  Jason played the bass, Jerimiah the guitar, Clint Hardy on vocals and Jerimiah's brother Nick Peterson on Drums. Smoke performed at the infamous Osgood Keg party where the house was full of people and minors and had the band performing when the cops came! Several people had warrants for arrest and locked the doors not letting the police in. The band had nothing better to do so they continued to perform with the house surrounded by police. It lasted several hours like that and was completely unforgettable! For Smoke's last show they switched to Jamon Duell on drums and performed in Jacob Clark's backyard one last time, it was epic!

         After deciding on the name Denots, the guys were ready for their first gig, it was the summer of 1999. The guys played several great shows with this lineup and continued to gain attention from the surrounding area. At the time there weren't very many bands in the area. There were even less who had a demo CD to sell as Denots had worked their asses off to record their first attempt "We can make nothing happen to you too". This all helped to quickly bring Denots to local star status, but things always go wrong. Here begins the musical game of drum thrones; Sometime in 2000 exit Dustin Thueson and enter Russell Kummer on drums. Exit Russell Kummer, enter Logan Linning, exit Logan Linning, enter Jimmy Carpy, exit Jimmy, enter Logan again. Denots opened for Suicidal Tendencies on September 15th at the 20/20 Club in Pocatello with Logan on drums. This was their first time opening for a big band, and it didn't get any bigger than Suicidal Tendencies as far as opening for your idols......

        In early 2002 Denots acquired Darin Christensen on the drums. Darin was a godsend. He was punctual and had great work ethic. Over the next couple years Darin helped Denots to transcend from a struggling project to a well oiled machine. Denots had replaced Shawn as bassist with Charlie Lawrence formerly of Drone. Soon after they lost Jason on guitar and replaced him with Rob Cloak also from Drone. In 2004 the band put together a followup album called "Starz Mold Mindz Eyez" which they recorded in the Skyline house basement where they all lived and practiced in.......

In 2004 Charlie and Rob both left the band leaving Jer and Darin broken and feeling empty. Then Darin found Matt Kassica to come play bass and it was once again revived and going in the right direction. Matt was incredible and hard working, an asset to say the least. The 3 piece rocked and rocked eventually by chance landing a spot opening for Prong at The Ritz in Idaho Falls. Here they met Jason Rollene who had a ton of experience working with some huge bands. Rollene eventually became their manager and helped them to get backstage at a Slayer/Killswitch concert in Billings where they shook hands with the head of the Jager music program. Soon after they were given a sponsorship with Jagermeister music. Rob Cloack came back as guitarist. A year later Matt Kassica left for family reasons and the three played a whole bunch of shows without a bass player. They finally found Jer's long time friend Waylen Andersen to join and slap the Bass. The band was once again whole! 

Played tons of shows! Opened for lots of killer bands. 

The band got with sound engineer Scott Taylor AKA "Howie Rock" and recorded its 3rd full length album "Dissonance in D Backwards" in 2006. Right before leaving for a west coast tour, Rob quit again and the 3 were hellbent on going so that's what they did.

4th album "Illusions of a Fictional Reality" was recorded in 2009 also by Scott Taylor.  

5th album "Symphony of Frost and Fire" 2012.

6th album "The Great War of Life Death and Weather" 2015.

7th album "Soon The World Will Be" 2019.


Shortly before releasing the new album (#6) they lost their long time drummer Darin Christensen as he had to relocate for work. He is surely missed but luckily, Denots were able to attain the incredible: 

Justin Flowers drummer for 2015.

Joe Gromaud drummer for 2016.

Riley Miller drummer for 2017.

Justin Walker drummer 2018-2021

Darin Christensen - 2022 Darin Came Back!

Jerimiah's son Robyn Peterson formerly of Crimson and Sidewalk Chalk joined the band on guitar and vocals in 2017 making it a 4 piece once again. Robyn is super talented and makes this band far more powerful than one could ever imagine.


I'm just getting started here, Denots is a long story, more to come soon. 

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