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Denots will be playing a Halloween Party at the Office Bar in Rigby on Saturday, October 24th!

Free admission, must be at least 21 years old and have a valid ID. Door prizes and costume contest!

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Denots will be playing at the Falls Venue, (formerly DBs) in Idaho Falls on Thursday October 29th. Another Lost Year will be headlining along with support from Sidewalk Chalk, Denots and more....

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Denots was on the way back from a gig out in middle of nowhere when the van broke down on the side of the road. The guys got out and tried to fix the problem but were quickly frightened by a growling noise coming from just beyond the tree line. Since it was dark the guys decided to get back in the van and try to sleep as it would be easier to assess the problem with the van in the morning light. After what seemed like forever, the sun came up. The guys got out to open the hood only to find something had chewed a hole right through the front drivers side tire, looked like big bite marks. Suddenly the growling noise came again from the trees, only this time it was closer and fore ferocious sounding.

When the Denots guys aren't changing tires and fighting off Aliens and Chupracabras, they are  busy writing new material with more conviction than ever. 


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