Machine 190 - Denots
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Life Cyclone - Denots
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Denots music at its core comes from anger and emotion. Denots songs are about many different things: aliens, history, philosophy, the occult, society, conformity, humanity, ghosts of self doubt, self improvement and political sarcasm. Denots physically released their 6th full length CD titled "The Great War of Life Death and Weather" on January 29th 2015. The album is now available for digital download from cdbaby and itunes.

Denots has produced 7 full length CDs, and have been sponsored by Jagermeister for 10 years. They have done 2 west coast tours, a northwest tour and 3 different midwest tours. Denots has performed on several Jagermeister music tours and opened for acts such as Prong, Suicidal Tendencies, Clutch, Rev theory, Drowning Pool, Hinder, Candelbox, Living color, Dope, Papa Roach, Soil, Mushroomhed, Disturbed, Avenge Sevenfold, Hell Yeah, Stone Sour, Hemlock, Hailstorm, Hed PE, Motograder, RIKSHA, Balance of Power and more!